Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

PDA browsers and server-side scripting

The server is running Debain 3.1 ("sarge"), with apache 1.3.33-2, libapache-mod-php4 4.3.10-15, php4 4.3.10-15, on a kernel very slightly modified from 2.6.8.
When I'm browsing from IE under XP, from Firefox under XP, from a Blackberry, or from Pocket IE on an iPAQ or similar, then $PHP_SELF is set and so is $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].
When I'm browsing from IE on the new XDA Exec (or, I assume, from another WM5/HTC device), $PHP_SELF is not set, although $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] is still there.
Standard advice is that $PHP_SELF isn't available when register_globals is off -- it's off in this case. But why does the behaviour of the server-side scripts vary with different client-side browsers?
This is baffling. Analysis and explanation are welcomed.

Readers to whom the above made no sense at all are at liberty to punish me with incomprehensible technobable from their own geekery of choice.

Quote from Boss B: "It's all text-based ... apart from the graphic."

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