Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Scrabble Scores

Over the weekend, my Mother and I have been playing Scrabble®. We're fairly evenly matched, but neither of us can find anyone else who will consent to play with us.

We played nine games, of which I won four and she won five.
I scored a total of 2983 points, she scored 2899, which is an an average of 331 and 322 respectively.
My highest score was 408, hers was 376.
The highest-scoring word was "shifter", with the initial "s" added to the end of an existing word to make "stiffens", scoring 110.
Six other moves scored over 70 -- "weirding", "faintest", "stiffen", "minters" and "rinsing" each used a full trayful of letters, but the highest-scoring move which didn't use the full trayful was "shaws" and "quays" for 74.

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