Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

New New Year Thing

nwhyte and yonmei have both linked to a New Year Party generator:

dougs's LJ New Year Party (Now At Least 25% Politically Correct!)

Started : 01st January 2006 07:37:02 AM

Ended : 01st January 2006 04:21:04 PM
Alco Money! : $ 403

Guests of Honour

drflickta is a morose Wiccan. drflickta drank 1 Brandy, 6 Bloody Marys, 12 Champagnes, 1 Vodka.
the_major is a lethargic Agnostic. the_major drank 9 Poteens, 6 Rums.
drpete is an enlivening Agnostic. drpete drank 10 Pernods, 2 Kahluas, 1 Vodka, 2 Pilsners, 1 Brandy, 1 White Wine.
cardboard_tobes is an edgy Liberal Christian. cardboard_tobes decided to not drink because of their religious beliefs.
coxtrill is a downhearted Atheist. coxtrill drank 7 Whiskeys.
bohemiancoast is a fufilled Taoist and is a real devotee to the happy juice. bohemiancoast drank 1 Mint Julep.
frostfox is an obnoxious Liberal Christian who shits whenever or whenever they get the inkling for it. frostfox drank 1 Lager.
unanon is a bitter Taoist. unanon drank 2 Goldschlagers.
dougs is a vivacious Muslim. dougs drank 17 Sambuccas.
ang_grrr is an unfortunate Liberal Christian and a usual visitor to the A&E department on a Saturday night. ang_grrr decided to not drink because of their religious beliefs.
aperrott is a sprightly Agnostic and a usual visitor to the A&E department on a Saturday night. aperrott drank 8 Whiskeys, 4 Tequilas, 1 Pilsner, 1 Ale.
scarlatti is a buoyant Atheist. scarlatti drank 13 Sherrys.
sbisson is a poignant Hindu and the perfect example on why its probably best not to drink 10 bottles of wine a night. sbisson drank 5 Pulques, 1 Aligator Bite.


For some barfing is merely a hobby, whereas for drflickta, the_major, drpete, coxtrill, dougs, aperrott they are hoping to turn professional within the next few months. Good luck to you!


There is a high probability that after last nights ahem....display of affection that drpete and ang_grrr will be announcing drpete's glorious pregnancy pretty soon.

The Drunkest

According to the AA's best estimates it will be 6 months before drflickta is sober enough to drive again.

Random Events

dougs brought a whole new meaning to the phrase "obnoxious overblown serial bastard" with
their overly twattish antics.

dougs bored everyone with fascinating stories about their collection of exotic french ticklers.

Contrary to popular belief drflickta firmly assured the room that they have never considered following "Reindeer Blowing" as a proper career.

Happy New Year!

Do you believe in all of that New Years Resolution shit? If not, celebrate the New Year as you mean to go on with the ultimate new years party from hell!

Enter your name below to experience the ultimate in complete useless bollocks!

Your Hero God Loves Coke.


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