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Thanks to all who had things to suggest in comments to this post.

Earlier tonight I read about someone who had been rooting through old cupboards and had been pleased to find some stuff. I can't remember who now. Anyway, I thought I'd have a go. I found a sort of leaning tower of tins of sardines (bbe 12/2000) and about a dozen packets of butterscotch flavour whippy pudding.

So ... sardines and butterscotch whip for tea. No, you twits, not simultaneously, of course not.
The sardines went on toast.
The butterscotch whip is a powder which gets mixed with milk.
I have a device called a Tupperware QuickShake. I put a half-pint of milk in it, and then pour the powder in. A sort of plastic cartwheel goes in across the mouth of the jug, and then there's a high domed lid. You shake it vigorously and then pour it out -- it saves you from powering up the Kenwood.

A thought -- I'll bet a sugar high contributes to insomnia. Twenty to one. Blimey. And I don't have any night-nurse. Will open that bottle of Sea Dog.

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