Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

That Alphabet Thing

Seen all over. 26 little prompts, with responses.

A: Accent -- Depends on the context. Sometimes it's "cute British", sometimes it's "soft Southerner", sometimes it's "down from the Big City". Occasionally I attempt to imitate other accents, with variable results.

B: Breakfast -- Usually omitted.

C: Chore you hate -- Housework and paperwork. Particularly cleaning the kitchen and filling in government forms.

D: Dad's name -- Derek.

E: Essential everyday item -- The PDA. It's good not to be too far away from my email and all the other Internetty goodness.

F: Flavour ice cream -- Ben and Jerry, "Phish Food".

G: Gold or silver -- Silver is the better conductor for wires, gold is more resistant to corrosion for contacts.

H: Hometown -- Bracknell, Berkshire.

I: Insomnia -- Sometimes. Usually when I've been thinking too much.

J: Job title -- Computer Network Engineer.

K: Kids -- No thank you. I've managed to avoid that so far, although there seems to be a stepson here.

M: Mother's birthplace -- Barnet, in North London.

N: Number of significant others -- Currently, one. In total, four.

O: Overnight hospital stays -- Last time wasn't as a patient. As a patient, once for tonsils and twice for sorting out a haemangeoma in my right hand, most recently in 1980.

P: Phobia -- A couple. Recreational uses for needles and knives, for example.

Q: Queer -- You might think so, I couldn't possibly comment.

R: Religious affiliation -- I'm Christian, but more inclined towards faith than towards religion. I'm in attendance at a United Reformed Church, which is in a building shared with Anglicans. We do lots of things together.

S: Siblings -- I have three brothers. Some of you will have met two of them.

T: Time you wake up -- Late. It depends on whether I have to get to a London client that day or not.

U: Unnatural hair colours -- I've never had it dyed. Just occasionally I've had some spray colour, the stuff that comes out again when you brush it or wash it.

V: Vegetable you refuse to eat -- Raw tomato.

W: Worst habit -- I have some odd habits, but none of them are particularly bad. Sometimes certain people suggest that I should try to stop biting my nails.

X: X-rays -- Teeth sometimes. Otherwise I've had one occasionally following injury, but none have led to identifying a fracture.

Y: Yummy -- Yes, I am.

Z: Zodiac sign -- Goodness knows, I have to look it up each time and I'm not going to bother now. My birth date is in my profile.
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