Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Camera on its way out.

Today I took a number of photos in dark conditions without a flash (we were visiting the aye-ayes, who like the dark).

I've noted that in six places on these pictures, there are small clusters of bright pixels -- the placement is identical on all of them.

I've been back to check -- photos from December 31st exhibit the same symptom, but in fewer places, while photos from December 18th are clean.

I think the CCD is beginning to die.

It's an Olympus Brio Camedia D-230. It takes photos 1600x1200 in size. There's a digital zoom (which is crap), but no optical zoom. Pictures taken without flash (it uses a very slow shutter speed) tend to have a reddish tinge. I bought it, half price, on December 26th 2002 in PC World in Barnstaple. It's not done badly. It was my first camera, and I've learnt quite a lot in the interim.

There's a camera in the new PDA, but it's not terribly good, and I want a proper camera. I'm sure there are sales on ...

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