Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

An email to feedback at LJ

On the userinfo page for the lj_feedback community, they encourage users to send them emails. I've just done so.

    There's lots of traffic on the recent "News" post, much of which is about the recently introduced "nudge" feature. I'm sure you've been reading, but it's not easy to sort out the comments about "nudge" from the comments about other things announced in the same post.

    It might well be worth having a placeholder post in the "feedback" community for people to provide the LJ team with feedback about this feature. Maybe even a poll about it too. I'd feel more comfortable posting a link to a post in "feedback" about this one issue, rather than a link to a post in "news" which covers a whole bunch of topics.

    I'm LJ user "dougs", Douglas Spencer, a permanent account holder.
Tags: using lj

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