Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A time of changes

Boss B and I have been talking.

Alert readers will be aware that I've been in pursuit of a visa to gain entry into the USA, and when I move over there it'll severely curtail my ability to support our current client base. We would need to drop some of our support contracts, and rather than watch me disappear the moment I got the visa and find ourselves with support commitments we weren't going to be able to carry, we wanted to go through that process in a managed way. Also, he's intending to move more deeply into ISMS consultancy, and a little further from our traditional network support work.

As part of this process, it's been decided that my employment with the company is to draw to a close.

There is some talk of taking part-time work with one or two of the clients I've been closely involved with in the past, to bridge the gap between when I leave the company and when I leave the country. There's also talk of continuing my maintenance of the Avdar systems, in exchange for a retainer of some sort. There are lots of details which remain to be finalised, some of which depend on the direction which various clients wish to take.

But the short version of the story is that I will cease to be an employee in the conventional sense at the end of February.

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