Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Dodgy DVD player

Earlier this afternoon, Peter the friendly village postman had hardly any voice and couldn't walk properly -- his progress was interrupted by constant spastic jerking. By the time he'd got to the mill he could hardly move. We never even got to find out what the boys at Pippin Fort were up to.

Just now, he's been striding confidently across the screen in perfect condition. Windy Miller was just the same. And the drill from the boys was flawless.

What made the difference?

This afternoon, my Camberwick Green DVD was in the DVD player on the shelf under the telly. This evening, it was in the DVD drive built into the laptop.

The unit under the telly was purchased in mid-November 2002 -- a little over three years ago -- and I think it's beginning to die.

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