Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Matchmaking Meme

the_maenad, our resident memesmith, has come up with a new meme: she would have me introduce a couple of people who are on my friends list but not on each other's.

mhw, meet moominmuppet.

I met mhw, called Kay, occasionally and briefly in the mid-eighties when we were both at Warwick. Kay's writing, in various forums on-line, made much more difference to me than Kay in person: helping me to realise that what was going on in my head was quite normal, that being perverse was perfectly in order, that tastes that seemed bizarre were nothing out of the ordinary. It is thanks to Kay (amongst others) when I was twenty that I'm as well adjusted as this at the age of thirty-seven. I didn't even know Kay was on LJ until a couple of weeks ago.

moominmuppet, called Sarah, works for the Ohio GSFC in between her real job. The GSFC does for people growing up in Ohio what Kay's writing did for me all those years ago. We bumped into each other on LJ a few months ago when we were both commenting to some post somewhere but I forget which one. Sarah, like me, is a preacher's kid. She describes herself as "still a Christian, in an odd sort of way" and finds the juxtaposition of her faith and her queerness entertaining, I think.

They might each of them wish me to re-word bits of those last two paragraphs -- I don't know.

They're both computer people, they're both bi people, they're both open-minded people. They both want their bumps read (one with anxiety, one with bipolarity). They're both very helpful people. They should read each other.

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