Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

"Virtual Gifts" debate censored?

In the "Virtual Gifts" thread over in suggestions, a bunch of comments have been screened.

This was in reply to a comment from daveman692 in which he said
Can you point me to an actual example of where Virtual Gifts have been abused? Thanks.

My contribution read as follows:

I can use this feature to insert real-life contact information into the use userinfo page of a stalking/abuse victim. Or I can use this feature to continue predatory activities against a user who has banned non-friends from commenting in their journal.

I was replying to a comment from which I inferred that a Six Apart employee thought that the feature didn't need an opt-out until after an abuse had occurred.

If it seems to me that the view of LiveJournal's owners is that this feature doesn't need an opt-out, them it's my job to put an alternative point of view into the suggestions box. I've done so.

I wonder how many other comments have been screened there.
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