Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Things I did today

I had today all planned.

I was going to get up early (for a Saturday), go into London on the 8am train and scout out a couple of potential venues for the Beeblebears Picnic, before wandering over to Kensington, intending to arrive around half past ten or eleven.

In fact, when my alarm went at 7am, I went straight back to sleep, and finally got out of bed around 10am. Oh dear. I grabbed some lunch between Gloucester Road and Picocon, and actually got through the doors at something like half-twelve.

Picocon was fairly good, as Picocons go -- Ian Watson, always good value, was in excellent form, talking about motivation amongst AIs. The silly games slot was likewise excellent, ably chaired by purplecthulhu. Just a Minute, Charades, and Mornington Crescent (Imperial Rules).

Afterwards, a short trek down to London Bridge and a gathering of friends for Simoné's birthday drinks, something like thirty people, also very good.

There are photos.

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