Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

I do not know the date.

I learnt today that I'm not competent to set the date on new handheld devices.

If you've had any photos from me since I've got the new camera, and you've got them from me in a way (such as in a .ZIP file) which preserves the modification dates of files, you should note that photos dated (say) February 18th 2005 should, in fact, be dated February 18th 2006. I've corrected the date on the camera now.

Secondly, it's worth pointing out once more what a delight it is to get a certain someone's hot meat in my mouth, how much more interesting the taste is when there are blue veins involved, and how handy it is to have a napkin available when those juices dribble down your chin.

Finally, I met some assorted LJ users today, and it seems that lots of people think John Barrowman is hot, and lots of people were surprised to learn that he was gay.

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