Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Reshuffle at the LOI.

LOI tonight. It's a sort of rehearsal for the meeting on Friday of next week.

I'm the Lodge Organist, but I'm not terribly good at playing the organ, so we have Worshipful Brother MP3 working as acting organist for all of our meetings now. But this means that I'm now available to be dropped into any office where there's a gap at short notice. Regular readers may remember that I got landed with doing Junior Warden last month, for example.

Our Worshipful Master went into hospital again today. There's a strong likelihood that he won't be at our next meeting, and even if he is he won't be in any position to chair it. So it seems that I'll be in the chair.

Oops. Time to dig out that little blue book and revise the initiation ceremony...

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