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Baffling delays to sausages now resolved.

I unwrapped the sausages.
I placed them on the thing that goes under the grill -- the grill-pan, that's it.
I slid the grill-pan into place.
I turned the grill dial round to its maximum setting of six.
I busied myself with breadboard, bread, brown sauce, kettle -- you know how it is at times like these.
I returned to the grill to turn the sausages over.
They were still cold. So was the grill.
I turned the oven on. The fan didn't go round.
I turned the grill off and then turned the top oven on.
Neither oven got hot.
I turned off both ovens and turned the grill on again.
Still cold.
Is the whole oven/grill assembly getting any electricity?
Well, the oven light works. So does the clock. This is totally baffling.
And next to the clock a tiny word is glowing: "Auto".
It seems that my sausages will be cooking between quarter to midnight and one am.

I'm glad I spotted that -- it could have confused a stupid person.

Oven/grill assembly now back on manual -- and sausages are cooking normally.
Yay me.

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