Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Conservatives in Bracknell

lproven tells me that I caused some consternation in the pub in Croydon last night.

See, Liam and I were exchanging text messages about something we were planning to do today, and one of my texts to him explained that I didn't want to finish too late... I'd said "I have Tories in the evening" and this had worried some of our mutual friends who were with him at the time.

Anyway, Liam and I engaged in our activities today (delivering some bits from Freecycle) and I made it home in good time. He now owes me quite startling quantities of curry.

And then I went to meet with the Tories. Much useful discussion ensued. I can reassure my readership that the Right Honourable Andrew Mackay MP is now very well aware of the views of myself (and some of his other constituents and party members), particularly concerning issues surrounding ID cards and the ID card database, and also concerning the Regulatory Reform Bill. Hurrah!

So here's my advice to my British readers: Tell your MP what you think about these two issues. Make sure he/she understands your point of view. Get your constituency branch chairman to tell him/her too. It helps to make your democracy and freedom work, while you still have them.

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