Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Eastercon 2006, post 07

An excellent party. We started at around half past eight (20:30) and wound up operations at around 2am (02:00), so we had about five and a half hours of partying.

The perishable stuff amongst the leftovers will get donated to the Dead Dog Party on the closing day of the convention, the rest will be redeployed in other parties on subsequent occasions.

Many thanks to those who turned up to help us celebrate the forthcoming Year of the Teledu.
Many thanks too to the Year of the Teledu team, for giving me an excuse to host a party.
Many thanks also to the ConVivial people, for clear and concise directions to local supermarkets.
However, most thanks of all to hawkida, who is a truly expert party planner. It would not have been possible to host this party without her help.

Someone should have told us that you can't buy alcohol before 12:30 on Sundays in Scotland...

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