Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Note from Susan's Mum

In a comment to this post, scarlatti's mother writes as follows:

Your kind words have" given my heart a change of mood"---thank you, all.
Yesterday, I went to Susan's room and found her missing. An astute nurse had looked at her white count, put her in isolation and started blood transfusions, Sue also has IV fluids going. The doctor rounded late yesterday afternoon and told her the kidneys were involved. For some reason the sonogram taken on Thursday was not sent to the doctor because the script for it was not provided---snasu situation. So, since the doctor is going out of town for the weekend, we won't know about results until later.
Susan brother arrived yesterday from San Francisco (he actually was in Boston on business and was coming to Washington for Mother's Day (and for business). Good timing on his part. Susan had enough blood by the time he got here to be somewhat responsive.
Needless to say, Mother isn't leaving and won't be for some time.
Again, my thanks for the comments and wishes.

Needless to say, I echo her thanks for all the comments I've received about this over the past few days.
And many thanks, also, to Susan's mother for taking such good care of her.
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