Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Email from Susan's mother

scarlatti's mother writes as follows, shortly after midnight last night (early evening their time):
    Today, Tuesday, Susan received two cards from England. They made her very happy. Your mother was so kind in her message, and the card was lovely. Please tell her how much joy it brought Susan.
    Another patient was moved into the room late last night which translates to no sleep. The activity associated with the new patient was still going on when I left tonight. It was quite a comedy. Susan will come home tomorrow. The doctor says she is still very sick, but her vitals are good and so she can go. I will leave it to her to give you all the details. Thank you for all your messages and calls----I have saved the telephone recordings for her to hear when she gets home. I am sure she will play them again and again just to be able to hear your voice! Thank you for your concern
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