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Sainsburys Secundum Scripturas

Today, in fulfilment of prophecy, I went to Sainsburys.

It started badly, with two stationary cars each with their hazard lights on, one in each lane and therefore entirely blocking one of the two main routes of entry to the car park, and a queue backing up to the roundabout outside the store. Once we'd negotiated this obstacle, inside the store there was a much greater proportion of total morons than usual. Parking their trolleys perpendicularly across the aisles and standing in the tiny remaining gap to study the goods on offer; pushing trolleys three abreast at 0.02mph deep in conversation with each other; ignoring their small children cheerfully pushing their thumbs into the soft fruit and then sucking the juice off; ignoring their other small children running wild through the store and bowling into the trolleys of other shoppers; loading up the conveyor belt at the checkout and then wandering off to find the item they'd forgotten and then failing to return by the time checkout operator looks up to ask the resultant empty space if it wishes to pay by credit card; and in a variety of other ways generally demonstrating the inevitable results of living in a society where eugenics is frowned upon.


I didn't steal any steak.

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