Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Max's NYE party -- post 1 (poetry)

Posting this in both dougs and anonymousclaire.

the_maenad tells me that I'm good at parody, doing a rewrite of someone else's original poetry for comedic effect. I'm not convined.

Copious apologies to anyone I've offended, particularly Wag, in what follows. You know it's just in fun.
And if I've left anyone out, I'll apologise to them too.

Max's NYE party

The hostess, Max, can celebrate with grace,
Inviting round some friends to greet the year;
When Alison and Steven set in place
A dancemat for the gaming console here,
Then Marianne can dance the night away
While Jonathan just celebrates his thumb;
And Helena discovers, new year's day,
That Wag, in celebration, ends up numb.

When Mark and Claire are wont to celebrate,
Banana Wings is where we read their tales;
And Simon celebrates and thinks it's great
When Sandra celebrates by trimming nails;
And Flick and Pete can celebrate just how
Young Rachel makes the rest of us feel old;
And Helena discovers, even now,
That Wag can celebrate in ways untold.

Watch Alison and Squaddie celebrate
The light which shines within each other's eyes;
And Tony celebrates alongside Kate;
And Simon's Bridget frets about her size;
Poor Tanya, with her jetlag, can't take more,
And Lillian is ready for a rest,
But Helena discovers, on the floor,
That Wag can celebrate by far the best.

But Del! and Pete! (you see I left you last,
Now aren't you sick of that?) It could be worse;
The others get one line, and then it's past,
But Wag I'll celebrate in every verse.

I've not used <lj user=> constructs in this post -- no doubt some of you will identify yourself in the comments section.

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