Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

I have a bug: is it reproducible elsewhere?

Seemingly owing to poor browser support for Windows Mobile 5, I'm unable to post comments from the handset.

I can read LJ, create new top-level posts, navigate round the site with no problem ... but when I try to comment to a post, or reply to a comment, the "post comment" button is missing from the page.

I've reported it to support:
But I then discovered that someone else has the same issue and reported it back in March:

This only applies when I'm using the handset, and not when I'm using a regular browser from a desktop PC.

The symptoms are the same
  • on S1 and S2 journals
  • whether or not I have JavaScript quick-reply disabled
  • whether I'm using the user's own comment-page style or the site default
  • whether I'm on LJ, GJ or DJ.

  • Can anyone else who browses from a handheld device let me know if they have the same problem, and which OS/version/browser your handheld uses?
    Tags: subjected to comment spam, using lj

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