Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Email from Susan's mother.

No phone call from Susan today.

Email from her mother:

This morning when I went in Susan's room, she was not in the happy, lively condition she was late yesterday when I left the hospital. Her last mention to me was that she wanted to call you. She looked at the clock and decided to wait until today.
I know that you were on her mind today but she just did not have the ability to function enough to call you.Seeing this lovely mind close down was the most difficult experience I have ever had.
She has gone into a coma, and we will move her to a hospice tonight. She is not expected to live very much longer. Her brother is on his way and so is my husband. Her father and I have been with her and that has been a good thing in many ways, especially for her.
I know that her concerns were always about your welfare. She loved you very much. She respected you. She accepted you and never wanted to change you in any way.
When you can, if you are able, I would like some imput from you for her service. She respected your religious leanings and I know that your input would make her happy.
My beautiful daughter has been the light of my life. She has been so loved and treasured.
With affection,
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