Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I did today

Many thanks for all the kind comments to my recent posts.

Last night I emailed today's client to cancel. I wasn't expecting that I'd be too productive today, and as it transpired I didn't have a great night. This morning I was disinclined to do much of anything.

However I ended up wandering into London to visit Flick. I spent a while sat moping at her in her living room and then we went out to Tate Modern for lunch, which was very good and afforded excellent views across the city. When she disappeared for her afternoon appointment I came home again.

Thank you, Flick. It's good to have someone to wibble at in person.

Tomorrow I'm going to ring the embassy to see what's going on. I think I'll also have to do some work, even if it's only putting together a couple of quotations for some forthcoming projects.
Tags: scarlatti

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