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Douglas Spencer

100 things

This meme is doing the rounds.

100 random facts about dougs

1 I am thirty-seven years old. 2 I was born on the 140th anniversary of the opening of the Stockton to Darlington Railway.
3 I have never (yet) broken a bone.
4 I have one surviving grandparent. 5 I have three brothers, 6 or two point nine. One of my brothers has lost a leg.
7 I have been playing with IP routers for the last eighteen years.
8 I have written more verse in the last twelve months than in the whole of my previous life.
9 I routinely dislocate and relocate both elbows, my left wrist, and most of my knuckles. Recreationally.
10 My eldest nephew is learning to drive.
11 I was prompted to join LJ by hawkida, but prompted to make my first post by flick.
12 I have 141 LJ friends, only 70 of whom list me as a friend.
13 I have a BA in Mathematics. 14 I am currently single. 15 I am a good cook.
16 I seem to buy books much much faster than I read them.
17 There are about a dozen computers in my house, not counting embedded systems. 18 I have OCD: my laptop, mobile phone, VCR, microwave, radio alarm, digital camera and all the computers have clocks all of which are corrected to within a second or two, roughly weekly.
19 I am overweight. 20 I do not smoke. I never have. 21 My mother is a preacher.
22 I'm the only person in my family who doesn't need glasses. 23 I have inherited my mother's mature-onset deafness.
24 My blood group is A, Rh+. 25 I give blood, and have been careful always not to do anything which might get myself excluded, despite the temptation sometimes.
26 I am an Internet addict. Big surprise, no?
27 I am a Freemason, currently IPM of Hogarth Lodge (No. 3396 EC)
28 I'm a fan of Science Fiction. 29 I'm a fan of Circus. 30 I collect humour, especially crap humour. 31 I like word games. 32 My first and last names have the same number of letters.
33 My stepson lives with me. 34 We are both of us averse to doing any washing up.
35 I have a large scar on one finger, listed as a distinguishing mark in my passport.
36 I've been driving cars for eighteen years and have never been nicked for anything. 37 Well, not anything to do with driving, anyway.
38 I'm on the committee of ZZ9.
39 I own a large collection of small ceramic teddy bears, 40 and another of ceramic thimbles, 41 both inherited from my wife Anne, 42 who died in September 2001.
43 When I was young, I had a morbid fear of dogs, 44 from which I am now recovered.
45 I was born in Cambridge, 46 grew up in West London, 47 and now I live in Berkshire.
48 When I was young, I memorised pi to about eighty places, 49 and I can still remember the first twenty-odd.
50 I bought myself more for Christmas than I was given by others.
51 I bought a DVD player on the Sunday after Christmas, 52 but I own no DVDs. 53 However, I own a few thousand books. 54 About half of them are science fiction, 55 and about half the remainder are humour. 56 The rest are science fact, erotica, classical literature, children's books and cookery books, amongst other stuff.
57 The stepson doesn't like Christmas 58 or new year's eve. 59 Last week he faked his own death on one of the message boards, to see how people would react.
60 Twice this year I have laughed so much that I've thrown up.
61 Twice this year I have been tied up as part of a demonstration, 62 once I've tied someone else up as part of a demonstration, 63 twice I've lectured about the BDSM mindset, 64 and once about bondage techniques. 65 I've counselled roughly a half-dozen people about relationship issues this year, 66 and totally failed to get myself into a relationship at all.
67 Several people seem to think I'm quite weird. 68 I can't imagine why.
69 I used to play the piano, but I was never very good at it. 70 I sing.
71 I have no piercings 72 and no tattoos, 73 and no intention of having them either.
74 I go to Science Fiction Conventions. I would like to go to more of them. Perhaps I will in the future.
75 As well as being a bit deaf, I have a flakey sense of balance. I'm probably better at hiding this than the deafness. There's an unproven suspicion that the two things are related.
76 The first computer I programmed was an RML380Z, based on the Z80 chip from Zilog. 77 The school owned two, one with 16Kb RAM and one with 48Kb RAM. My O-level project would run on either machine, but would only compile on the 48Kb machine. Note that Kb is not a misprint -- these are Kilobytes.
78 The first piece of my poetry to appear in a canonical on-line collection was a piece of computer filk "A is for Apple" which was posted to rec.humor.funny in the late eighties.
79 The first piece of my fictional prose to appear in a canonical on-line collection was a piece of magician-and-assistant erotica "The Request, part 2", which appeared in Shecky's Illusion Archive in early 2000.
80 One of my cousins is getting married on April 4th this coming year. 81 This is the wedding anniversary of his father and late mother, 82 and also the wedding anniversary of my late wife Anne and her first husband, Jim. 83 I'm looking forward to it.
84 I've been in three serious relationships. Alice was the first, Chris the one from whom I learnt the most, and Anne was the most rewarding.
85 I've met my father three or four times in the last ten years. On each occasion it was a total waste of time on both our parts. We have nothing in common.
86 Besides English, I don't speak any other languages particularly well. I speak just about enough French to survive (where can I get a taxi, please take me to the airport) but not enough for real life at conversational speeds, and no other languages at all.
87 Last year I went to China and spent about a week walking on the Wall. This was my first trip outside Europe. 88 Previously I'd visited Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (I live in England), France, Germany, B*lg**m, Spain and Swizerland. 89 I've never been to the Republic of Ireland: next October will be the first time. 90 I'll be getting my head shaved while I'm over there, probably in aid of one of the cancer charities.
91 My wrists are unusually small. In the days when I used to wear a wristwatch, I always had to put an extra two holes in the strap in order that I could do up the buckle in the correct position.
92 My current car and the two previous cars have all been red. Before that I had never owned a red car. Both this car and its immediate predecessor have been diesel powered. The previous car is now owned by my nephew, see number 10 above.
93 The school I went to was founded in 1509, 94 and the university in 1964.
95 I'm a caffeine addict, 96 but I've never been dependent on any other drugs.
97 I don't dance. There's a lower-limb analogue of number 9 going on which has a lot to do with it, but in this case it really hurts, is really disabling. I danced on New Year's Eve for about forty seconds. It was too much.
98 I used to be qualified as an industrial first-aider, but my certificate expired about eight years ago.
99 I represented Warwick University in a Scrabble match against Cambridge. One of the people on the Cambridge team was a recent Countdown winner, now a producer on the series.
100 I suspect that people will be disappointed that I've spread some of these facts across more than one number.

Finished at flaming last.

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