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Susan Elizabeth Leinbach, 28/11/1966 - 15/6/2006 - Susan Elizabeth Leinbach, 28/11/1966 - 15/6/2006 - Songs of innocence and of experience Page 4 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Douglas Spencer

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Susan Elizabeth Leinbach, 28/11/1966 - 15/6/2006 [Jun. 16th, 2006|07:20 am]
Douglas Spencer

Yesterday, just before midnight local time, scarlatti's mother wrote:

Susan died today, June 15th, at 1:11 p.m. Please forgive me for the lack of detail. I will write more later.

As indeed will I.

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[User Picture]From: d_floorlandmine
2006-06-16 10:00 am (UTC)
I don't have the words. So sorry.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jhaelan
2006-06-16 10:11 am (UTC)
You and the rest of Susan's family have my deepest sympathies, sir. Thinking of you
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trav28
2006-06-16 10:15 am (UTC)
I am so sorry Doug. Our thoughts are with you.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2006-06-16 10:22 am (UTC)
Douglas, I am so sorry.

Susan was a wonderful person, and I so much wanted to meet her.

My thoughts are with you, as with Susan's family. She'll be so much missed.

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: bohemiancoast
2006-06-16 10:27 am (UTC)
We're so sorry, Doug. This is just so sad. I hope you find courage and solace in your faith, and it helps you find a way through. I only met Susan once, but of course knew her online and remember so fondly the way the two of you got together over LJ. Hold onto your happy memories.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: adelheid
2006-06-16 10:30 am (UTC)
Thinking of you and Susan's family.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kalypso_v
2006-06-16 10:32 am (UTC)
So very sorry. I'll remember her smiling as she sat close to you at Redemption, and I'm glad to have witnessed your love for each other.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cyka
2006-06-16 10:32 am (UTC)
you are in my heart and thoughts.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: snowgrouse
2006-06-16 10:36 am (UTC)
(over here via friendsfriends)


My sympathies and prayers are with you. Sad to hear that.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: gerald_duck
2006-06-16 10:48 am (UTC)
I mainly know you online, having only met you a couple of times, and I knew scarlatti not at all, alas.

Nonetheless, I offer my condolences to you — and to everyone else now bereft.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: slovobooks
2006-06-16 10:51 am (UTC)
I'm truly sorry for your loss. You are both in our thoughts.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: moira_mae
2006-06-16 10:55 am (UTC)
my deepest condolences, I'm so sorry...
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: loneraven
2006-06-16 11:00 am (UTC)
I'm thinking of you and Susan's family.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: haloumi
2006-06-16 11:19 am (UTC)
She loved you very much and was obviously very loved.

My sincere condolences to you and all of her friends and family.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: normandie_m
2006-06-16 11:20 am (UTC)
I only spoke with Susan a handful of times via AIM or e-mail, but I will miss her (and always enjoyed reading her writings and her journal entries). :'( You and her family have my condolances.
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