Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

People have been asking ...

... what I've been doing over the last few days, what I'm doing over the next few days. I haven't been paying attention, but as far as I can recall, it's gone something like this:

In the light of the news over the preceding couple of days, I'd cancelled my client for Thursday 15th, and tried to make myself useful by bringing people up to date about what was happening. I went into London and spent some time moping at Flick, and set off home at about four (UK time). Susan died shortly after 1pm (local time; 6pm here) on that day. In the World Cup, Trinidad and Tobago conceded their first goal a few minutes later.

On Friday, I did some ZZ9 admin -- it was the copy deadline for the club magazine. I let more people know what was going on. In the evening I went into London for Mr Attic's birthday drinks.

Saturday, I went to the ZZ9 Towel Picnic in Nottingham in the afternoon, and in the evening I drove down to Max and Tobes for a chat. I ended up staying overnight.

After Sunday lunch, I went back home. Sam, Susan's brother, had asked if there were any photos of Susan, but Susan was always reluctant to have a camera pointed in her direction, so there weren't very many. I found about twenty and sent him some links. They were for a slideshow at the funeral.

On Monday, other than catching up with news and LJ comments, I don't think I achieved much.

Tuesday was the day of the funeral. I stayed by the email, in case there was anything else that the family needed in the run-up to the funeral, but nothing happened. The funeral itself was early afternoon local time, the middle of the evening over here. In the World Cup, Trinidad and Tobago were eliminated.

On Wednesday, I was much more productive. Julia D's mother was hosting a garden party, raising funds for Cancer Research UK. It's something she does regularly, and wasn't prompted by recent events. I wandered round the stalls and worked my way through the coffee and cakes. I bought one raffle ticket in each of the four available colours, and one of them won me a box set of eight shower gels in different colours, flavours like "cranberry and pomegranate" and "kiwi and fig". I had long talks to Julia.
On Wednesday evening, I went back into London for the ZZ9 pub meeting, where it is alleged that I was "cheerful, interesting and entertaining" -- at least part of that is thanks to Julia.

Today -- Thursday -- I've delivered a large colour monitor to Liam, assisted him with transport between his home and a motorbike repair yard, and collected a G3 Mac. I'm busy installing stuff on it now. In the World Cup, Ghana proceeded to the second stage.

Tomorrow, I'm going to catch up with the housework and then in the evening I'm going out to dinner with the Senior Parliamentary & Political Adviser to David Cameron. On Saturday, I'm going SMOFfing with one group of fans and then to a barbecue with another group of fans. Sunday will involve Church and related activities followed by further housework and Monday will involve a visit to a client in Sloane Square.

I think Tuesday is a day off.

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