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Weekend so far

Friday -- went to Sheffield. Wandered around town in the sun. Looked at all the stalls in the continental market.

Ended up at sheffield_sf's monthly last-Friday pub meeting, resulting in this.

Back to Fran and John's house for cheese and whisky, and then bed.

In the morning, sat around in the sun outside their house, drinking coffee and eating bacon, melon, and astonishingly sweet vanilla brioche.

Drove southwards, stopping in Leicester on the way to do a bit of shopping for Monday's client. Arrived at Clara's house, and then sat around in the sun outside, drinking coffee and talking with Liam about MacOS and interoperability. Later, the three of us wandered into town to play on the swings and things, enjoy a pint of something (the pub had run out of beer), and find an Indian restaurant. Back to Clara's, where Liam waxed enthusiastic about Clara's new PC, and then bed.

Woke up this morning. I seem to be very pink, particularly about the head, face and arms.

This afternoon, I'm going to go to Coventry for a picnic with Kay plus allies, where I'll be sitting around in the sun again.

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