Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Navigation strip: support request 611095

Support request 611095:

No mechanism exists for permanently disabling the navigation strip

I'm aware of how to remove the navigation strip on my own journal. I've read FAQ 264, so pointing me at it once more won't be helpful.

I've read the recent post over in suggestions about how the existence or non-existence of the navigation bar doesn't respect appending ?style=mine to the URL.

I'd like to disable the navigation bar permanently, on any journal or entry page that I'm viewing while I'm logged in. Some sort of setting in the admin console would do; a tick box in the Viewing Options page which says "never show the navigation strip" would be better.

Whenever a new feature is introduced, support is full of requests from people who are asking how to turn it off -- this is because the lack of such a setting is a bug (and therefore a matter for support) rather than the lack of a feature (and therefore a matter for suggestions)

Can something be done?
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