Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Susan's mother emailed me to see how I was getting on.

My reply, in part, reads as follows:
    I appear to be doing fine, but I'm having a harder time behind the scenes than is sometimes apparent. There's work still to be done.

    I've exchanged an email or two with Sam, and he's kindly passed on the details of the bank account for Susan's bench. Various people have been passing contributions to me so that I can transfer the total amount in a single transaction and escape multiple conversion/transfer fees, and in a couple of weeks I'll add it up and transfer it.

    Now that the authorities have (too late) given me the visa, I'm intending to fly out west for the dedication of the bench, so I'm interested in news of any dates which might fall out of the calendar. There's one date I can't move in the middle of September, but other than that I'll make myself free to visit at Bench Time.

    You'll have seen how very supportive our group of friends have been: those ones who are resident here in the UK have translated that into real-life support too, and have been looking after me very well. I'm very grateful to them for doing so.

    I hope you don't mind that I've been repeating our emails on LiveJournal; when Susan was in hospital it was the easiest way to keep all her friends up to date with developments. They're overdue for an update, so I'll copy much of what I've written here into a new post.

    I hope things get easier over time. You, and the rest of your family, continue to be held in my prayers.

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