Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Loads of photos

I'd got behind on my photos.

I've caught up now.

20th May: ZZ9 Winchester Slouch.
27th May: flick and jamesb present <plokta.con> π the Dangercon.
4th June: In Devon for the arts festival and Pentecost.
17th June: ZZ9 Towel Picnic.
27th June: Birthday party for the_major and beermat.
15th July: Birthday party for purple_peril.
16th July: Fun with Jackfruit.

There are loads of photos in some of those sets. If someone wants original-resolution images, or more images from the same set, then let me know. I'll upload some movies somewhere at some point too, if there's popular demand.
Tags: photos

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