Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The US people, the US President, and a meme.

In a recent email on an unrelated matter, a US citizen felt it necessary to apologise to me for her President.
    It seems quite strange to start with an apology, but it is important for non-Americans to understand that most real Americans do not feel, act, or have the intelligence of our President. I say "most" because since he seems to be operating out of that office; one makes an assumption that someone voted for him.
I found myself writing the following in response:
    It's quite evident to me that the views of the current President are not in any way representative of the views of any of the normal members of the public in the USA with whom I've had any contact. It's also evident to me that he has no respect for the rights claimed by US citizens in the US constutution, nor for the separation of powers and the duty of oversight that conditions the relationships between the Presidency, the judiciary and the legislature. It's a mystery to me how he came to be re-elected in 2004, and I do not lay any blame on the American people for the actions of their President.
If, like me, you do not blame the American1 people for the actions of their President, feel free to take that paragraph of mine (or a suitably edited version of it) and quote it in your own journal.

1 using "American" in the restricted sense of "pertaining to the USA".

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