Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The new Beta Navigation System

For the second time, I've tried out the new Beta Navigation System. And then I went to feedback/betanav.bml and wrote the following:
    Have a look at these four screenshots:
    (that's Beta on Firefox and IE, Xcolibur on Firefox and IE)

    As you can see, with the beta navigation in place, you can't use most of the links unless the screen/window is wide enough that the stuff on the right doesn't overlay the stuff on the left.

    I'm not in a position to make my window wider. For this reason I find the beta navigation system totally unusable.

    I left a similar message about two days after the feedback/betanav.bml page went live, several weeks ago. I was prompted to repeat the exercise by this post: where the screenshots that kimmi8 posted from burr86 misled me into thinking that it had been fixed -- and it hasn't.

    I'm reverting to Xcolibur now. Again.
Tags: using lj

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