Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

An open letter to the Convoy committee

I've sent the following email to the enquiries address listed on the Convoy website: emails to this address are fielded by an AI robot which makes guesses about which member of the committee is best placed to answer the email.
    Adelphi Hotel in the news

    On the Convoy website, it says

    > Members of the Convoy committee no longer tend to read any Internet discussion groups about Convoy or any other Eastercon.

    Nevertheless, you may wish to be made aware that in various Eastercon-related places online, and in the comments section of individual people's web presences, some discussion is taking place about one specific news item, originally reported by the Liverpool Echo and subsequently repeated by the BBC, to the effect that the Adelphi is the site of 80% of thefts from hotel rooms in Liverpool.

    The Adelphi manager, Eileen Downey, insists it's not a problem. She strongly implies that the hotel do not intend to take any action in response.

    The police, the city council, the local and national media, and many fans seem to take a different view. Concerns have also been expressed by other organisations which have used the Adelphi in the past (various trade unions, the British Beatles Fan Club, etc etc).

    It might be helpful if the committee could make some sort of statement, beyond those that already appear on the website or in TR1, to reassure existing and potential Convoy members that the committee understands and accepts that many fans believe there's a problem here which needs to be addressed, to explain that the committee takes these worries seriously, and to detail the steps that are being taken.

    I've quoted the contents of this email on my own LiveJournal as a placeholder for any subsequent discussion.

    I'm not a member of Convoy, but I am a member of nine Eastercons between 1993 and 2008.


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