Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Email astray

I've been mucking around with the way I route my incoming email, and following a brief test last night I left running those processes which I ought not to have left running. As a result, for about eighteen hours most of my email has been dropping into the wrong message store, and I can't read it at the moment.

It's now no longer misdirecting emails. I've been through logs to find out who sent me stuff, and I've sent texts to a couple of people in case I've missed anything important. I'll get all the misdirected stuff into the right place when I get home tonight, but if you're hoping I'm going to read something promptly that you sent me last night or this morning, you'll have to wait.

Edit (9am Monday): Now sorted out. All hail the power of awk/sed and netcat.

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