Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Blowing my own trumpet

And my mother's too, of course.

At the beginning of June I went down to mother's for the weekend. She's one of the people who organise things for Churches/Christians Together in her area, and we went to an open-air event in Victoria Park Bideford on Pentecost Sunday. I took a few photos, and put them on a CD to leave with her before I left.

I just got a letter from the baptist minister in Bideford.
    I was surprised and delighted when your mother passed on to me the disk and prints containing photographs of the Pentecost Party in the Park. You are obviously a very accomplished photographer and have captured the spirit of the event so well. It is very kind and generous of you to have provided me with so many images of that happy day and I am extremely grateful to you for your thoughtfulness and kindness in this regard.

    It was good to meet you and to have you with us for the event Your mother is often speaking with love and affection of her family and it is good to be able to picture you when your name is mentioned. Julia is very generous in giving her time, service, hospitality and friendship and you obviously take after her. I, personally, am very grateful for all that your mother has done within the wider life of the churches in Bideford and District and for her friendship and encouragement. In providing the photos that you sent of this "Christians Together" event you to have made a very real contribution to our sharing together and I will ensure that they are displayed at some suitable future occasion.


    With warm greetings,
    Sincerely yours

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