Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Ireland in October -- full itinerary

All provided for ease of reference, both for myself and for my stalkers.

Friday 13th October
    Get to Heathrow somehow.
    BMI flight BD127 leaves LHR 13:30 arrives DUB 14:50
    Stumble across Dublin to Connolly Station.
    Trains to Maynooth at 16:10, 16:42, 17:15, 17:28, 17:49, 18:00 etc.
    Book into hotel.
Saturday/Sunday 14th/15th October
    Attend Octocon, the Irish National SF+F convention.
Monday 16th October
    Book out of hotel.
    Trains to Dublin at 11:05, 11:20, 11:45, 12:32 etc.
    Go drinking in the Porterhouse in Temple Bar.
    Stumble across Dublin to Heuston station.
    Trains to Kilkenny at 15:05 and 18:25 (last train).
    Arrive at Kilkenny to be fielded by Peter.
Tuesday-Thursday 17th-19th October
    Hang around with Peter, doing nothing very much.
Friday 20th October
    Go to Kilkenny Station.
    Trains to Dublin at 08:16, 11:28, 14:09. Probably want the 11:28.
    Stumble across Dublin to the airport.
    BMI flight BD130 leaves DUB 17:35 arrives LHR 18:55
    Go home.
Useful tips welcomed from people who know their way around Dublin better than I.

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