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Car update

New readers start here: On August 7th, at shortly before midnight, my car alarm went off. The engine immobiliser immobilised the engine, and the central locking failed. None of the documented techniques managed to shut down the alarm, and the car generally gave all the signs of not believing that the keys I was holding were anything to do with it.

The following morning I got a tow to the local Citroën dealership. That was August 8th, three weeks ago.

In the intervening period I've phoned them up regularly, seeking news on their progress on the car. On just one occasion during that period, they've phoned me unprompted -- on the day they first had a look at it, a couple of days after I gave it to them. Otherwise, the only times I've had any updates to the situation are when I've phoned them up to ask.

Each time I've phoned, I've been told that they're expecting the necessary part to arrive from France the following morning, and that my car would be ready for collection the following afternoon. On each occasion, they've come up with a different reason why the part hadn't appeared before then. On each occasion, I've asked them very pointedly to phone me after the morning delivery to let me know whether or not it's arrived. On each occasion they've failed to do so.

Today, I walked over to the garage for a chat.

"Good morning Mr er ...?"

"Mr Spencer. You've got my C3. You've had it three weeks, as of today. I'm told you're waiting for a part to arrive from France."

"Ah. Er. A red C3, yes?"

"Yes. And since I've made no progress with you on the phone, I've come in so that I can sit down with someone and talk to them about why it hasn't been fixed yet, and to see if we can come up with some sort of progress."

"Ah. Well, the part has been superseded, and they changed the part number, and we haven't had the new list ..."

"Right. Well, I'm sure it's possible for someone here to actually talk to someone at the suppliers to get this sorted out. I'm confident you'll be able to organise that. And I'd like to be confident that the part is actually on its way here."
"Before I leave today."

I left about an hour and a half later. And I spent a lot of that time talking very quietly, and very politely. And now they're scared shitless of me. But the part is actually on its way.

I'm going in to see them again, on Thursday morning. And if they don't have my car for me, I'll be making another post.
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