Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Car update

Remember yesterday, when I talked to my local car dealership? They'd finally successfully ordered the part (a transponder aerial) and they were going to call me this morning when the delivery arrived to let me know whether or not they'd got it.

Noon came and went. See if you can guess whether I'd had a phone call. At 12:07 I phoned them up (speaking to James). He told me that the part had, indeed arrived -- but that the car still wouldn't start, and one of their engineers was talking to Citroën Technical Support about what they could try next. I talked firmly about how I'd been promised a call that morning, and told him that I expected another call when they had more news.

At 15:05 James called me again, and told me that Citroën Technical Support had suggested that they try a new set of key-fob transmitters. These had now been ordered and they were expected the following morning.

I explained that I would be coming in to see them tomorrow morning, and that I was confident that if they didn't have my car fixed, he'd have made some suitable alternative arrangement for me. He said he'd have to ask, and I instructed him to call me back when he had some news.

No call, of course, by the time I called them at 17:24, when I talked to Gavin, James's boss. He told me that James was busy trying to find me a loan car, but that they were indeed expecting a spare set of key-fob transmitters which they thought would get my own car fixed. I pointed out to him that we should concede the possibility that the car wouldn't be fixed, and he promised that he wouldn't divert James from the hunt for a spare car.

They get their delivery around half-eight in the morning; I'm turning up there at 10am in order to sit around embarrassing them until I can drive away.
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