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As previously noted, I've documented my customer service experience in posters affixed to the windows of my loan car.

The full text reads:
    Bad Customer Service
    The Wyatt Group has provided me with extremely bad customer service.
    They took my car in for repair on August 8th. On August 11th they phoned me to tell me it needed a part, which they would supply and fit for £365.
    Since then, they’ve been telling me every time I phoned that it would be ready for collection in a day or two. At no time have they phoned me to keep me up to date; on each occasion I’ve had to phone them myself, and ask. The £365 part didn’t fix the problem, and neither have any of the ensuing replacement parts. At one stage they were unable to order the next part until I came into the garage and stood over them while they talked to the supplier -- and when it arrived, that part didn’t fix the problem either. Eventually, after three and a half weeks, I managed to shame them into providing me with a loan car, which is what I’m driving now.
    If you’re contemplating using this garage, I strongly suggest you try elsewhere.
There are smaller posters in other windows directing readers round to this one.
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