Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Party Weekend

I went to Sheffield on Saturday, arriving chez frandowdsofa/johannes_d at about quarter to four. We sat around talking about this and that for about an hour, and then John drove us round to Steve and Alice's house for Steve's birthday barbecue (he's fifty years and a couple of days old). A very well-run event, with a more-or-less continuous supply of stuff from the barbie, all of which was correctly cooked and none of which was burnt. Much conversation: some about recent changes at the Hinckley Island hotel, some about pork-based recipies for a forthcoming event, some about the situation surrounding the 2007 Eastercon, some about motivations for vegetarianism, and quite a lot about a wide variety of other subjects. Steve and Tony seemed to be having a lot of fun with a hand-axe, for some reason.

With egyptophile, back to Fran+John's at sometime after 2am (thanks to Julia-WINOLJ for taxi duty) and sleep. Breakfast featured coffee and toast, and lunch featured pancakes with assorted toppings. Julia returned to join us for lunch, and there was conversation too.

I abandoned them at about 3pm in order to get to the shoe shop before it closed (ooh, new shoes!) and then came home.

A good weekend. There are photos, and I'll sort them out at some point.

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