Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Wyatt Concorde, still complete tossers.

You'll recall that I'd had two phone calls from Gavin at Wyatt Concorde on Monday.
At half past five on Tuesday (they close at six) he phoned again, to tell me that the car was now starting and running consistently. They'd road tested it, and it would be ready to give back to me today. He'd phone me in the morning having prepared the invoice with the agreed discount, and have the car delivered round to my house during the day.
Today, he phoned me, took card numbers etc, and told me that the car would be delivered shortly, and I'd find it parked outside when I got home after work.

It was, indeed, parked outside the house. The keys were through the letterbox.

I unlocked the car successfully. I got in. I turned the key in the ignition. The dashboard lit up.

It told me I was twenty-two thousand miles overdue for my last service.

There's no answer on their phone at the moment. I'll be talking to Gavin tomorrow. I'll post again after that.

Wyatt Concorde: useless tossers.

Google for Wyatt Concorde and my LJ is the eighth hit.
Google for Wyatt Concorde Gavin and my LJ is the first hit.
Google for Wyatt Concorde customer service and my LJ is the first hit.

Google for Useless Tossers and hit "I'm feeling lucky" ...
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