Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Flick and Mike's wedding and subsequent activities

So I went to flick and drplokta's wedding yesterday. I arrived at London Waterloo at about half-one, and then strolled downriver almost as far as the venue, where I bumped into seph_hazard, greengolux and zarabee. I was accused of looking like a 30s gangster, but I explained that the white tie was traditional clothing for a Presbyterian preacher, which earnt me a couple of blank looks and a sage nod. The four of us walked in the opposite direction for thirty or forty yards to a nearby pub, where we found hawkida and tobesv. I was accused of looking like a jazz pianist, but I explained that the white tie was traditional clothing for a Presbyterian preacher, which earnt me a wrinkled forehead and a chuckle. In due course fjm and nolley arrived, and I was asked what I'd done with my white fedora, but I patiently explained that the white tie was traditional clothing for a Presbyterian preacher, which earnt me a brief moment of ridicule. These few early encounters established the pattern for the day.

We went to the venue, a few yards upstream of London Bridge on the south side of the river. The ceremony was excellent, with readings from pmcmurray (Shakespeare's Sonnet 116) and some bloke who looked a bit like a jazz pianist and might have benefited from wearing a fedora ("Tamer and Hawk", Thom Gunn). Those persons present heard flick's legal name being used, and as a result we are now able to tell the world that her real name is actually Mrs Scott.

The reception, too, was excellent. Good food, good drink, good décor, good company, good speeches, and if there's anything I've forgotten to mention, then it too was good. M'Hingé! The party afterwards was also very good. Lots more people, lots more conversation, music and dancing, and further food. Great stuff.

I was amongst the last four guests to leave the building, long after my last train home had disappeared westwards, and so I walked a few hundred yards downstream and crossed the river to find my hotel, a short distance below Tower Bridge on the north side of the river. The hotel looks a little uninspiring from the outside but is very nice internally; the room provided a wonderful view over the marina in St Katharine's Dock. I was looked after very well during my stay there and would be very pleased to repeat the experience.

For various reasons I didn't check out of the hotel until a few minutes after noon today, and went back to Waterloo on foot, arriving back at home at around 3pm, and I then had to leave again almost immediately to go to a meeting with senior local Tories, returning back home at a little after 5pm. I've had a bit of a sleep on the sofa since then. And now, I've woken up to type the above.

I have loads of photos, almost all of which got copied onto Mike's laptop before he left the venue last night. Look out for photos from various sources appearing all over LJ and other places over the next few days.

It's been a very successful wedding; I hope it goes on to become a very successful marriage. Best wishes to both Flick and Mike for the future.

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