Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Tory Fanzine

Just popped into the party office to deliver the final version of the new local fanzine so they can make copies.

I bumped into Andrew (the MP), Mary (the agent), Isabel (the chairman) and so on, just taking a few moments to shelter from the rain between meetings elsewhere in town.

Andrew said something like "ah, someone who knows about technology", and asked me to do something arcane for him on his mobile phone, but he passed it to me via Mary and she did it for him instead.

And, twenty seconds or so after I left, I got a cheeky and flirty text message from someone else; one which might have been even more entertaining if it had happened whilst I was surrounded by senior local party figures. I like my friends and their potential for confounding small-c-conservative expectations.
Tags: tories

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