Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I've been doing today...

Last night, as you'll recall, I made myself available in the pub for people to come and drink with me in celebration of my recent birthday. Assorted people did so, and many thanks to all concerned. Quite a lot of beer was consumed.

lproven and the_major alerted me to their imminent advent just as I was leaving, and since the pub had stopped doing food before I'd got around to ordering any I ended up going for a curry with the two of them. Things being what they are, the chances of catching my last train home were in some doubt, so Mr Proven was kind enough to offer me a bed for the night, and we all disappeared south to his home. We got to sleep quite late.

And we had to wake up quite early the following morning. The three of us hopped on a bus to Wimbledon and thence by train to Bracknell, where we popped in briefly -- very briefly -- to my house before I drove us all to hddod's where we spent the afternoon on ZZ9 business. I'm afraid I fell asleep during the meeting, to the slight amusement of the rest of the attendees.

I drove my erstwhile Host and his Lady back to Bracknell station and stumbled home, sat down on the sofa, and did some catching up on emails and LJ, but I fell asleep once again. I woke up a little later and popped over to Church for another meeting at half past seven, and I've just got home from that.

I'm going to bed now. I'm likely to sleep for a considerable amount of time.

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