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Matt's PC

You will have read in an earlier entry that the stepson's PC needs upgrading to Windows 2000.
Well, it happened today.

- copied a bunch of crap from the C: and D: drives on disk 1 onto the E: drive on disk 2.
- left the domain, deleting the computer account.
- removed disk 2 (in fact just detached the cables and left it in place) and repartitioned disk 1 as a single partition.
- installed Windows 2000. Joined the domain.
- changed drive letters so that the two CD drives are called R: and W: (see if you can guess which is the writer).
- installed SP2 for Windows 2000.
- installed IE6.
- installed Office 2000 and applied SP1 and SP2.
- installed MP7.1, DirectX 8.1, .NET framework.
- applied all available updates from the Windows Update site.
- installed the drivers and software for the knackered old parallel-port scanner.
- installed the drivers and software for the USB camera which started the whole process.
- refitted the old disk 2 and made it available as D:.
I took the opportunity to remove the printer from LPT1 and gave it an IP address of its very own at the same time.
Now, the sound card on the motherboard works too, which it never did under NT.
Later on, I'll log in as Matt and see if I can restore his shortcuts, cookies, desktop and so on.

Well done me. The fact that I do this sort of thing at work is neither here nor there.

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