Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

WIDTW, part I -- Housewarming

On Saturday, I went to a party hosted by jamesb and Simoné, to celebrate a housewarming and an engagement. There was lots of cider, lots of RSA-ian snacks, and a surprisingly large barbecue with sausage, chicken and beef. It was good.
Did I mention that there was a lot of cider? There was also a lot of stupid conversation, a fair bit of serious conversation, and some that could reasonably be placed in either category. One or two people may have had a bit too much of one or more of these things.
My last train home disappeared into the æther while all this too-much-ness was going on, and I ended up staying the night -- curled up on some cushions half-way up the stairs. I got to "bed" very late, about 5am, and was up again around 9am, for a train out of East Croydon at 10:10 followed by a frustrating 55-minute wait for a connection at Clapham Junction, thanks to the poor provision of trains on my home line on Sunday mornings, and I got home at about 12:30.

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