Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Lemongrass Restaurant

I'm at Octocon. I'm very much less online than I'd like, partly because the Internet doesn't reach to my hotel room, and partly because they're not capable of selling the Internet in the lobby in tranches longer than an hour, at which rate the price is stupid. (Internet access comes on scratchcards, and they only have half-hour and one-hour scratchcards.)

So... Brief widely-spaced bouts of roaming GPRS, then.

In other news, I've just had dinner with ang_grrr, hawkida and tobesv, in the Lemongrass Restaurant here in the convention hotel. It was entertaining, for reasons that would make a better fanzine article than LJ post. The trick is in knowing what to order.

Also I seem to be using this con to catch up on sleep. Goodnight all.

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