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Past and Forthcoming Conventions

Looks like Novacon 36 will be my thirtieth convention (leaving aside one-day conventions such as Dangercon and Picocon, and domestically-hosted games weekends).

October 1991"Eroticon Six"Gravesend
May 1992"Incon I: Inconsequential"Derby
November 1992"Novacon 22"Birmingham
April 1993"Helicon" (44th Eastercon)Jersey
October 1993"VoCon"Gravesend
May 1994"Incon II: Inconceivable"East Midlands?
August 1995"Intersection" (53rd Worldcon)Glasgow
April 1996"Evolution" (47th Eastercon)Heathrow
May 1996"Incon V: Inconsistent"Scotch Corner
May 1997"Year of the Wombat"Nottingham
May 1998"Lazlar Lyricon II"Scotch Corner
April 1999"Reconvene" (50th Eastercon)Liverpool
April 2001"Paragon" (52nd Eastercon)Hinckley
May 2002"Damn Fine Con"Shepperton
June 2002"plokta.con 2.0"Basingstoke
April 2003"Seacon03" (54th Eastercon)Hinckley
October 2003"They Came and Shaved Us"Dundalk
November 2003"Novacon 33"Walsall
April 2004"Concourse" (55th Eastercon)Blackpool
May 2004"plokta.con 3.0"Newbury
August 2004"Brentcon"Brentford
October 2004"Octocon"Maynooth
November 2004"Novacon 34"Walsall
February 2005"Redemption 2005"Hinckley
March 2005"Paragon 2" (56th Eastercon)Hinckley
August 2005"Interaction" (63rd Worldcon)Glasgow
November 2005"Novacon 35"Walsall
April 2006"Concussion" (57th Eastercon)Glasgow
October 2006"Octocon"Maynooth
November 2006"Novacon 36"Walsall

Number of conventions in each year from 1991 to 2006: 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 3.

2007 is looking very crowded for conventions:

(Edit: note that Convoy is now cancelled)
February 2007"Redemption 2007"Hinckley
March 2007"P-Con 4"Dublin
April 2007"Convoy" (58th Eastercon)Liverpool
May 2007"Confounding Tales"Glasgow
July 2007"Year of the Teledu"Leicester
August 2007"Mecon 10"Belfast
August 2007"Unicon"/"Recombination" etcCambridge
August 2007"Nippon 2007" (65th Worldcon)Yokahama, Japan
September 2007"Eurocon 2007"Copenhagen
October 2007"Octocon"Maynooth
November 2007"Novacon 37"Walsall

I can't believe I'll get to all of these. I'm already intending to go to Redemption, Confounding Tales and Year of the Teledu, and I additionally have a membership for the Japanese Worldcon (although I haven't done anything about travel or accommodation, and it'll cost me about as much as attending three to four other conventions on the list).

Are there any conventions you'd like to tell me about that I really shouldn't miss, and that I've omitted from that list? Or any that are on the list that you'd be particularly keen to see me attend? Do you want to take advantage of an unrivalled opportunity to pass comment on my convention-attending habits or record? Now's your chance.
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