Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A weekend at Mother's

I've been in North Devon since Friday teatime; I'm leaving to head home tomorrow morning sometime.

I did my usual preventative-maintenance servicing of Mother's PC; backed up the contents of \home to a DVD, checked that her anti-virus and anti-spyware provision was still keeping itself up to date (it was) and that the PC was still clean (it was); and checked that it was up to date with the usual patches from Microsoft, which involved me installing IE7, which finally made it onto the critical patches list a couple of days ago. It installed without serious incident.

And then I tested all this new browser malarkey ... by visiting LJ. Which, unbeknownst to me, someone had switched off. Cue much confusion ... until I looked at some other sites, which were fine. And, clearly, LJ is back now.

In other news, for all my life my mother's eyesight has been worse than my brother Richard's, who lives nearby, and her hearing has been worse than mine. But she's recently got new glasses, with the result that for the first time in his life my brother's eyesight is worse than our mother's, and she's got a new (digital!!) hearing aid, with the result that for the first time in my life my hearing is worse than my mother's. She kept mentioning the sounds of the fireworks (what fireworks?) and replying to the cat (the cat's indoors?). So I think it's time I went to have my hearing tested again.

In other other news, great things are being planned for my mother's 70th birthday, which will be on June 1st next year. My brother is doing hotel liaison and tech ops, while I'm doing membership database and publications. Another good reason to try not to get too involved in running Resurrection (or whatever it's called) next Easter.

Finally Mother's very interested in "101 things in 1001 days" as a concept -- if you're happy for me to point her at your list as typical of its type, please say so in the comments (and tell me where it is if you think I might not know).

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